The World God Only Knows OP

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NOTE: This is no longer up to date. Chapter Three of the full version of this song is essentially the same as the TV size version and is up to Date.

There's a lot of good anime this season, aren't there? I went looking for sheet music for The World God Only Knows's OP, and of course, there is none. So I decided to transcribe it myself, checking off an entry for my Quest and practicing my transcribing ear at the same time (three bird with one stone).

This time around was markedly better than my first attempt at transcribing. It took about two hours in one sitting for me to take down the melody, and about another to put it and the lyrics into Lilypond. With the OP on loop, testing random notes and chords on the piano, and a little intuition, I figured out the (two) key signatures: A minor, then a shift into A major. (While the first half looks like G major because of the F-sharp, a couple things suggest it is really A minor. Firstly, each four-bar melody starts on E (A's dominant) and hit A, whereas G only plays a side role. Secondly, G major to A major is a weird key change, but A minor to A major makes sense.) The rest of the song was just as easy to match by ear (of course, this one is a LOT simpler than Ookami's OP, but I like to think part of the reason it was so easy is because I got better).

Because I did this all in one sitting, there's still some things that need fixing. The rhythm in 26 is a bit finicky (not that it's hard, I'm just too lazy to get it perfect), and I obviously gave up on the chords and supporting lines (To make myself feel better, I'd like to point out that even skilled transcribers usually use software to isolate the harmony, while I transcribed this song wholly by ear). Something I wanted to point out is that piano sheet music won't sound even half as good as the original. Even if all the bass and harmony is there (*ahem*), a piano can't realistically cover all the percussion, flute, violin (whatever instruments were used in the song), synthesized effects to convey the same feel, and even then the timbre won't feel right. If you're skilled at comping (improvising an accompaniment line), then the chords would be useful for making the piece actually sound complete, but of course it wouldn't sound like the original.

UPDATE: I fixed it up a bit; namely, the rhythm I completely butchered in measure 26 the first time around. God only knows how embarrassing that was.