God only knows - 神のみ OP full ver. Incomplete v0.3

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God only knows
Oratorio The World God Only Knows
Series info
神のみぞ知るセカイ OP
Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai OP
Chapters 1-4ish
Sheet music

I dragged the TV size OP transcription I did (chapter three of the song) and added the first chapter of the full version (Yes, this song is divided into chapters; it's that long). So far, both are incomplete, but workable.


### 2012-03-04 v0.3

Since my links were taken down, I'm uploading the version I have right now, which is almost done.

2011-02-06 v0.2

I finished Chapter One and fixed up Chapter Three; you'll notice that the lyrics for Chapter Three are a bit different; credit for the lyrics go to ThreeLeafIvy and this video. I also reorganized the voicing/staffing so it's more clear overall, although it means harmony voices will have abundant amounts of rests. There also a harmony line for Chapter Three that wasn't present in the TV size version, which is why there's a harmony line full of rests that cuts off at measure 56.

2010-11-23 v0.1

I considered finishing this before posting, but given that this song is so damn long (eight minutes), with multiple voices, it'd probably be awhile before I can finish the transcription.