A bite of JK Meshi

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Short and simple is best.

As each episode is three minutes long, *JK Meshi!* doesn't have to offer a whole lot to make those three minutes worth your time, but it does so anyway.

It lampoons itself thusly:


It's the "gourmet anime" with some middle-school girls who chat together and then make some food with a twist. The one that's receiving encouraging words from anime fans like, "This isn't gourmet!"


Yeah, that's the one. It's ranked 60th out of the 60 anime shows that started airing this fall. And, there are only three voice actors because it's a super low-cost production. But it's interesting... Probably.

The show's animation and production values are poor, but each episode makes up for it with three full minutes worth of content. The three girls chat about various topics, then each episode finishes by introducing a simple dish.

There's nothing quite like enjoying a baked chocolate treat, made with a recipe introduced in the show, while listening to the following exchange:


It's true that Naosuke ordered a crackdown on opposition, especially those against foreign trade in the Ansei Purge. But if Japan didn't start opening up at that point in time, I don't think we'd live in the country we do now.

The French Revolution happened in 1789, and the symbol of Japan's modernization, the Constitution, was signed in 1889. We were a whole century slower than the great powers. Naosuke led the way to try to close that gap!


Wait, Reina, I can't agree with you. You know that Naosuke's methods were dictatorial and oppressive. I think the reason Japan is said to have such a weak democracy is directly related to Naosuke's methods. Basically, in the French Revolution, people obtained freedom, equality, and philanthropy in a bottom-up revolution. On the other hand, in Japan's case, the revolution was enforced top-down by rulers like Naosuke, so democracy never truly took root in the people. You get me, Ryouka?

JK Meshi! is like a bite-sized snack; it's delicious for what it is, and you don't lose anything for trying one or two. What are you waiting for?