Where did you go? 2

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I haven't posted on this blog or my other one in a long time. So, is it destined for the looming scrap pile of the Internet's abandoned one-shot blogs. I hope not!

So where have I been? With college, I'm quite busy as is. On top of that, I'm working on a little ambitious project of my own.


Due to certain events last year, I decided to make a free open-source version of Touhou, that legendary factory of culture and a good portion of still-circulating memes. I'd be surprised if anyone who reads this doesn't know of Touhou, but a quick Google search should enlighten you to how big a world you've been missing out on.

I've been working on it little by little in my spare time. My grand vision is to complete it myself (to pay homage to ZUN), maintain a high level of code quality and make it extensible and scriptable so that anyone with some programming experience can easily make new Touhou levels or even entire Touhou games or other shoot-em-up games with the engine.

For the more technical: the source code can be found at its most current on Github here. The current develop branch is NOT stable; I'm currently in the process of adapting my code to a component-based implementation. The current master(stable) branch should work if I remember correctly (it's been a while), and you can play a little demo of what I have so far. You'll need python 3 and pyglet for python 3 (either from the mercury repository or the 1.2alpha).