Guilty Crown (ギルティクラウン) OP - My Dearest

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My Dearest
EGOIST (supercell)
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ギルティクラウン OP
Guilty Crown OP
TV, Melody+lyrics, chords (partial), harmony (partial)
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I couldn't get Lilypond to show chords correctly. That chord in 13 should be an E minor triad first inversion (admittedly it is, but not spread-eagled as such). Therefore, I'm posting this here now and coming back to it... sometime later...

A very nice song. The intro interlude (where the title would appear in the anime PV) is nice and fast-paced. You'll notice that it's exactly double the speed of the rest of the song. Now, you may think, why not just double the beats or split them in half? The answer is because I aim to transcribe the songs not just so it can be played, but to transcribe them as actual, well-written sheet music. You may have noticed that I often split up upbeat quarter notes into tied eighth notes; this is intentional. Just as there's good programming and bad programming, there is good music engraving and bad music engraving (e.g. putting fingerings in piano music, how notes are grouped, &c.). The beat of the song happens to be 168 BPM during the interlude and 84 BPM elsewhere (go listen to the song and tell me if I'm wrong), so that's how I wrote it. The random triplet in measure 14 is there for the same reason; it's sung too late to be two eighth notes and too early to be a dotted eighth and sixteenth. The placement of rests is likewise motivated by how it is sung and what makes sense musically. My dear readers should be confident that, as long as it's in my sheet music (no guarantees about things I haven't transcribed, like chords and harmony), it's as faithful to the original as possible =). Enjoy!