Usagi Drop OP TV ver - Sweet Drops

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Sweet Drops
Puffy AmiYumi
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うさぎドロップ OP
Bunny Drop OP
TV, Melody+lyrics
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Yo! I haven't done anything in a while, but here's the first of the Summer 2011 batch. I must say there's a lot of good anime this season; I'm looking forward to it!

Maybe it's because I haven't touched the piano in a while, but I had a bit of trouble with some of the rhythms/pitches in this one. I'm not too sure about the triplets vs. the dotted-eighth-dotted-eighth-eighth-note rhythms; are they the former or the latter or the former, but played expressively so they sound like the latter?

Bunny Drop is about a single man who decides to take care of his late grandfather's illegitimate daughter. Bunny Drop deals with serious and mature subjects, yet it presents itself as a children's story through the character of Rin, its art style, and its theme songs. Sweet Drops is a cute song accompanied by a cute PV that balances Bunny Drop's story about a girl struggling with her father's death and society's perception of her and a man who decides to take on the burden of raising a child on his own.